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Sunday, December 4, 2011

If it's too loud you're too old

The video of these cars being torched, bashed and painted was mesmerising - KidZoom moved with the power and grace of a parkouriste and entered into a dance with these vehicles that was exhilarating - the man slid over burning cars and allowed his spray paint to ignite in a requiem for the relationship between Aussie youth and overpowered cars - it seemed he was farewelling his past like a viking longship being torched on its final voyage - whoever was behind the camera was as much part of the dance as the images flowed and ebbed revealing the mixture of affection, excitement and contempt which the past arouses


merc said...

I think the full expression as practiced by the youth of the early O's was...(subject) put the schizzle in ma nizzle...
I could be wrong but held my own last night amidst a table of 18 year old women (my daughter's school leaver's dinner).
Interesting for me they have few sayings (that they would say near me) however the level of just right dry humour was very fine.

Fresh Local said...

Having spent too much time before I abandoned paid work in the company of teen addicts and young people, children really, "in the care of the Director-General of Social Welfare" I had forgotten how creative and clever and generous most young people are - art exhibitions have given access back into this world