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Monday, November 17, 2008

Glebe Street Fair 16th November

The fair was packed - like the Sunday markets but more - of everything - six gozelme stands - tonnes of imported hippy clothes - gym membership stalls - chuggers - buskers etc

But what lies beneath? In this snap is the new road surface in the foreground - the old road surface to the right and in the top left the temporary surface put in pace when the Street Fair loomed. It had always been scheduled to take place after the first (or was it second?) completion date for the roadworks and some rapid action was needed to make the road safe for the fair.

Two weeks ago the ends of old tram rails could be seen poking out just to the left of the end of the old road surface about a foot or so below the current top level. The next section of track will have to be excavated and cut up and removed along with the wooden sleepers or ties.
The humanity, the humanity - shopping and bopping - too much life for me.


Cheryl Bernstein said...

Hi Tony -- forgive me -- what are chuggers and what is gozelme?

Fresh Local said...

Hi Cheryl

chugger = charity mugger - aggressive in your face beggar paid to sign you up for a monthly direct deposit to a charity

gozelme (I think that's how it's spelled) = a warm flat bread topped with savoury mince or cheese and spinach folded twice and then sliced - gone from being a rarity three years ago to a plague