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Thursday, November 6, 2008


The nearest pub to home


merc said...

That pub is so evocative of my early life at The Mount. I worked with a man from Glebe once, a very sardonic man.

Fresh Local said...

I've discovered over the last 12 years that Glebe is made up of number of little compounds. Thirty years ago in the Aro Valley in Wellington, NZ, a piece of graffiti said "If you think there's no class system in New Zealand then you're middle class".

At Glebe Point there are the silvertails, in pockets there are the battlers, and in other places the various mobs of gentrifiers, yuppies and other blow-ins who settled Glebe over the 30 or so years.

I often wonder what Aboriginal people make of the various non-indigenous groups who argue and fight over who was here first, who is more Australian.

When I'm forced into the car I often have the Koori radio station on.

Yesterday there was much joy and optimism on air over Barack Obama's win. It was seen as a victory for people of colour all over the planet. A sign that things are getting better. The American Dream rescued from the cynics and hypocrites.

Here's hoping.

merc said...

Hope indeed springs eternal. I am not one for taking away one ounce of hope.
Re the Aboriginal people and their possible wonder...I saw a film called Vision Man about an old Esquimaux hunter, he was there perched on the ice, 3 weeks into hunting a polar bear and he looked up as a passenger jet flew over head, and said...
I wonder if they are drinking coffee up there, like me down here...