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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The final tidy up

Yesterday the Field Librarian from the Mitchell came and collected all the family papers and photos I'd salvaged from next door. He also took a few of the objects that fit in with the papers.

The items he thought the Powerhouse Museum would want were two pairs of handmade shoes and an artificial leg.

The story behind these wee shoes may be contained in the papers.


artandmylife said...

Gosh those handmade shoes must have a sad story! In the Frida Kahlo book of her wardrobe it has many pcitures of all the medical braces and corsets and she had to wear and several hand made built up shoes and boots and finally the artifical leg.

Fresh Local said...

I think the story is lost forever. There's a saying along the lines of "Every time an old person dies it's as if a whole library has gone up in smoke".

Back in the day there was a restaurant Kahlo's in Willis Street near Perretts Corner, Wgtn.

I spent a few nights removing paint off the tiles in the downstairs entrance way. There'd been a fish shop there years earlier and some of the tiles had handpainted pictures of swimming fish.

I mentioned this to Meg and Harry and they asked me to take the paint off in exchange for a chilli or garlic prawn dish each night.

artandmylife said...

You have some great stories. My Aunt died recently (she was 84) and she was local historian in Southland and had written several books. I sent that library quote (which you had put in a comment on my blog) to my brother and he used it at her funeral service. I am sure there were many stories that were lost with her.

Fresh Local said...

I had started research on a local history to be based on interviews with my neighbour. My shilly-shallying and other distractions meant he'd moved into the endgame of his fight with cancer before I was "ready" to set up the first interview.

I think John Lennon said something like "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans".