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Friday, December 19, 2008

Store of family memorabilia is 'a unique record'

My email to and chats with a journo from The Glebe made it into print yesterday. The local state MP has organised a petition with her photo and contact details prominent asking the council to protect the home.

Her government has just rushed through legislation to allow two story properties to be built without any public previewing of the development plans or any local council involvement in the approval process. In a state ridden with shonks and greedniks this is dangerous and casts further doubt on the ethics and real interests of the current administration.

The NSW Labor government is a lame duck which has almost no chance of retaining power in the next election. The Premier is in the same situation as George Bush but the changeover won't occur for years (2011 perhaps ?)

Regrettably the Liberals should sail in on a "We can't be any worse but" or "Anything but the ALP" ticket. Providing BO'F can keep the weirdo religious and fascist cabals hidden away till then and the ALP keeps letting its loons off the leash. Bizarrely Smilin' Bob Carr, the ALP's Dr Doolittle, is looking better and better in hindsight.

It's a toss up between the treasonous military landgrabbers/alcohol-spruikers who overthrew Bligh, Robyn "What's the cash price?" Askin's crooks and the Carr/Iemma/whoever's left era for the dodgiest period of NSW governance. Probably still Askin by a nose this week but the current regime will be stumbling on for a while yet coughing up blood. What's that the Fench say? The more things change the more they stay the same?

At federal level the brown coal industry is once again dictating the country's environment policies.

Check out:

Remember Peter Garrett? Singer of "How can you sleep while the planet is burning?" I think he's now in a covers band that finishes each night with a medley of "It ain't easy being green", "Always look on the bright side", "Don't worry, be happy" and "Shaddup you face". Either that or working out how to get more government subsidies for companies that put asbestos into ethanol-flavoured cigarettes.

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