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Thursday, April 21, 2011


A new coffee outlet has opened about 150 metres from our home. It's in the Kauri Foreshore Hotel and started trading in this guise on Monday. Coffees, teas and a small range of food including pies, foccacia and bacon and egg rolls. It opens at 6am which means it's serious about offering coffee to workers and other morning people.

I've had a few macchiatos (macchiati?) already. Toby's Estate supply the tea and coffee so they're good. The coffee is flown in fresh and roasted locally in City Road. I decanted the one above into a glass when I got it home so missed the view from the side as the coffee settles. Macchiatos in Sydney have taken on elements from the coffee scene from L.A.Story. Each uninformed barista makes their own variation on what is a very simple drink. Each uninformed drinker has an idea of what a proper Mac is - often with bizarre variations on the standard. Sappho's in Glebe Point Road has taken to serving them with jugs of frothed milk on the side so experts can adjust them to suit their own idea of how they should really be. Silly really but the customer is always right especially when they're wrong.

The end of daylight saving has thrown my sleeping patterns into chaos. I am often awake hours before I want to be and find it hard to get to sleep when I should. Strong coffee helps me endure the resulting tiredness. Discovering Facebook and particularly its chat function has allowed me to unproductively fill my oddly spaced waking hours. Conversations with London come to a close as ones in New Zealand start up. There was a moment last night/this morning when I was exchanging emails with someone at the same time as the person we were discussing was in FB chat with me. Had to make sure I kept a good grasp of who I was saying what to.

My mother delights in the story of a moment at a work party when someone intending to introduce my father said to a third person"Have you met Jack Blackwattle?". He replied "Yes I have. Nice enough sort of chap but the wife wears the pants". My father enjoyed the situation signficantly less than my mother. I don't know what happened next. You need to know who is going to hear or read what you are saying.

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