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Sunday, April 3, 2011

ParraClay at the Armory

Yesterday I went by ferry to the Armory at Newington for a meeting of Parramatta Clay and Arts Incorporated:

The nearest wharf is at Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush. There's a walkway/cycle path along the river. The armory is an interesting place with lots of old function specific buildings now put to other uses. By chance I encountered an ArtExpress exhibition which impressed me with the sophistication of the concepts behind and execution of the artworks. It's a tribute to the excellence of art and design teachers in NSW. I think when I was at high school the big issues were if someone you knew could bring you back a pair of Adidas from overseas and whether Amco, Wrangler, Lee or Levi's were the best jeans. Thinking about politics or social issues was rudimentary at best.

The meeting was a lot of fun. I sat at a table with twelve clever, articulate creative people who managed to make thoughtful constructive decisions quickly. Every discussion involved flights of fancy and pragmatic resolutions. It was a delight to be part of and it feels like good things are going to result.

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