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Monday, May 9, 2011

Fresh and local

This plant, Warrigal greens, has quite the history. I cooked some I was given when we were just out of town for a family Mothers Day lunch. Like spinach as they say but coarser and firmer than the English variety as you'd expect.

Our evening meal included a salad with Warrigal greens, rocket, tomatoes, avacado and basil.

My lunch - red miso instant soup with udon noodles - both of which I suspectare not late eighteenth century convict recipes.


sarah toa said...

mmm those chinese gold miners may have a hand in some miso and noodles ...
warrigal greens have intrigued me for quite a while now. Tim Lowe quotes them in his bush food books and of course they are called NZ spinache as well. It thrives on salt windy coasts in West Australia and has long been considered a native. But the logs of Lockyer, when founding the first colonies here, mention that he carried the seeds of NZ spinache.
I love the stuff. It grows nuts in our shitty soil and is wonderful steamed with fish and lemongrass.

Fresh Local said...

It looks to be very widely distributed over Australia but if there's a chance for NZers to claim something, or claim a first then we'll take it. (except for Derryn Hinch and Joh - they're yours, you're welcome - we're still undecided about Russell Crowe).

Yesterday was the first time I've eaten Warrigal Greens and only did so confidently because my s-i-l picked them as a weed from her vegie patch.