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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A fresh local start

Dawn at Coogee is always spectacular, often transcendant. Everyone I see there at this time of day has an enormous look of gratitude and relief and joy on their faces. On the radio I listened to the man who was going to have a surfing lesson with Tony Abbott. He seemed pleased to be in Australia too.

I've been thinking about nature and our relationship to the planet and ourselves much as Werner Herzg did in Burden of Dreams. Herzog doesn't approve of many things I take succour from. Including self-reflection and herbal tea but as I like to say or think I like to say "there is no I in team but there is one in ginseng".


merc said...

Surfing in the name of.
My Best Fiend is a film I really like and shows Werner in his usual ambiguos yet brilliant light.

Fresh Local said...

WH has a photo on the Rogue Film School FB wall of Kinski attacking him on a set - the caption: "Every gray hair on my head, I call Kinski."

merc said...

yes i recall that, and more...sadly I don't facebook, I promised F&S i would never join, it's their place I said, handle with care and added...on the internet nothing is erased.

Klaus K was a rare orchid.

Fresh Local said...

I met a hacker over the weekend - he avoids all social networking and everything he does on the net is erased when he logs out. And he's still concerned about privacy and piracy.

Schools here encourage students to apply the "Nana rule" - don't put anything on the net you wouldn't show to your grandmother.