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Thursday, January 1, 2009


The local trees have grown so much over the last few years that our back of the bridge view has almost gone. The Darling Harbour fireworks are easier to see and this year someone had their own to set off in the street along a few doors.

We went to Kirribilli for the 9pm lot and then home for the midnight ones. Lots of people at Bradfield Park on Milson's Point rushing around excitedly.


Elisabeth said...

We stayed at home in Melbourne and watched the fireworks from the top of Riversdale Road in Hawthorn. I came to your blog through Martin Edmond's blog and look forward to reading more.
best wishes
Lis (Elisabeth)

Fresh Local said...

Hi Lis
I met Martin when a friend who works for AUP asked me to take publicity shots for the author tour for 'Waimarino County' a while back. In one of those synchronicities in 1983 he'd lived in an apartment across the laneway from the house we moved into in 1997. Plants he'd owned were still growing on the balcony when he visited us.