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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On solid ground

After a week of the sun, tides and weather determining activities I now feel like I'm back on dry land.

A bushfire in Killara, 31 degrees in Glebe and the new owners pottering around at 72 all conspire to make me feel back from the sea.

I got two loads of washing on the line but it's too hot to get them in yet. I heard back from the Powerhouse Museum about Ken's objects. The Social History curator may uplift them as a collection. This'll make a change from Kylie's hotpants and blockbustershows from American movies which seems to be the public face of what was a technology and industrial history museum.

This used to be called the Disneyfication of museums but is probably better known now as the Paris Hiltonisation. The superficial made flesh.

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky.


merc said...

Paris surfs, the comments I make no allowance for, surfers come in all shapes and attitudes.

Fresh Local said...

There used to be stories about lookalike surfers who had boards bolted to the racks on their woodies. But this might never have happened.

I don't know about Paris - everything I hear about her is so filtered that anything could be true.

She does stimulate strong responses.

merc said...

A girl has to make a living.