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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Driving ambition

On my way back from Coogee yesterday morning, tearing along Anzac Parade at 70km someone started moving into my lane. Into the space my car was occupying. I had to brake noisily to avoid a crash. I would have been sitting in his blindspot and moving at exactly the same speed. He veered sharply back into his lane neither of us having been at risk of losing control.

Seconds later he passed me and moved into the lane. I could see that he was waving in an apologetic fashion, first via his rearview mirror and then with his hand out the window.

Once the moment of potential impact had passed I mainly felt a sense of relief. I also knew that we were both lucky that the other person had been comparatively sane. I felt a bond with him. We all make mistakes and this time we were lucky. I was calmer about this than any of the other near collisions I've had that are part of driving life in Sydney.

Then today I encounter:
"Surfing in traffic, merc's tips.

1. there's always another peak further down the beach away from the throng
2. remember every day in the water is a good day
3. be humble paddle harder
4. give a wave get a wave
5. if you start to lose calm leave the water and take a walk along the beach
6. remember what D told you (GOM's suck)
7. this may be your last wave ever
8. the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun
9. grumpy loses karma given waves
10. like attracts like"

If there are sets or patterns of traffic movement perhaps only taxi drivers, cops, couriers and other all the time drivers notice them. These tips feel like they apply to city driving and I discover other aspects of modern life.

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