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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Glebe Point Road

When I worked in an adolescent rehab unit I asked one of the residents why beggars seemed to target me and ignore people around me. She said it was because they could tell I was likely to give them something. Still not sure how.

I often give money to one of the regular Glebe Point Road beggars. Well I did until her last complex story fell apart within minutes. Usually they sound credible for a day or so. I'm annoyed that she believes she still needs to play me. Probably unreasonable to be annoyed.

More recently I spoke to the local Big Issue seller. He'd been celebrating selling the mag for eight years and intends to keep going for another two and then retire. I find this admirable. Maybe I'm just stuck in a "deserving poor" mindset.

Sometime in the last hour another four shots were fired along the street. Same address, same gradual build up of police response. Probably the same limited coverage by the SMH and more excited response by the Telegraph.

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