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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Short macchiato

I've recently discovered that there are short macchiatos. The alchemy of their creation results in a drink that is richer and smoother than the maccs I'm used to. I'm now wondering if the ones that have really stood out over the last 15 years were crafted by baristas who make short maccs automatically.

There's only one place to drink coffee in Glebe - Sapphos. The baristas there take it seriously without becoming too twee with it. They also remind me of an old fashioned breakdance crew where the young pups are all keen to have a crack at the old man but realise that when it comes down to the wire he's probably going to bust moves they've only read about. Or at least looks like he could.

Every time one of the boys look like getting close to the captain's skill level and consistency they usually disappear overseas for some months and avoid crunch time. It's a mixture of loyalty and ego. Is it better to knock over the Master of Steam and feel guilty or fail to dislodge him and feel embarrassed? If they stay too long they risk becoming Prince Charles or Peter Costello. Or at a stretch Al Gore. Not that I'm saying The Steve is a mixture of HRH QEII, John Howard and Bill Clinton - far from it. Less English than the Queen, more attractive than the lying rodent and more reliable than Slick Willie.


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Fresh Local said...

Thank you - I'm not sure that Asian porn is a good match to what I'm wanting to do. But who knows.