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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hidden faults

I listened to Hamish Keith interviewing Martin Edmond about Philip Clairmont here:

and naturally there's so much more to it than a 12 word intro can describe. It's about art, life, death, shifts in international curatorial stances. In this photo taken while the video was playing on my ridiculously large pc monitor Martin is being menaced by his shadow. Throughout the interview shadows threaten, ghosts of people passed and conflicts past.

Possibly what looms largest is the space left when Philip Clairmont died. The paintings unpainted, the exhibitions not held and the books not published.

Lately I've been encouraged to think about shadows and the relationship we have with the shadow within. I've got a vague and simplistic understanding of Jungian concepts concerning this dynamic and am not sure whether I want this clarified at all.

Throughout the interview there are moments when I was forced to stop and scuttle off into the google world for more information and images. Basically it's two articulate, intelligent, well-informed and generous men talking about things that are important to them.

A nice contrast with the many petty squabbles involved in having a property developer operating on and too often over our boundary.


merc said...

I love that pic with the face and the shadow, alot.

Confrontations with the shadow are necessarily archetypal ;-)

Fresh Local said...

I shot it, cropped it and posted it mainly because great things were happening in the blacks.

You're my portal to Jung which has proved disturbing and necessary.