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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wheel head

The wheel had been stored without being cleaned after its last use. I've managed to get the head cleaner although there is some pitting where the old clay was the thickest. I've also been working on the wood which is very dry. I had to reattach the foot rest as it'd been broken off when it was moved readying it for listing on eBay.


merc said...

I am so enjoying this vicariously, indeed i helped moved a wheel yesterday for a friend.
There is something magic in poetia (whoops, potentia) about pottery wheels.

Fresh Local said...

This wheel is beautiful. It has been neglected of late but the movement works perfectly. I put one coat of enamel on the inside of the tray today. I think it'll need three.

lillian said...

i have aleach potters wheel by j h wilson, would like to know what thay sell for

Fresh Local said...

I bought mine for $A90 but I believe it to be worth about $A200 - they tend not to sell at all on eBay