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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Waterproofing the tray

I've started waterproofing the tray. It's plywood and has many splits in it. Limited colour choices resulted in an initially startling appearance which I'm hoping use will soften.

I've also reattached the footrest. All the wood seems to be appreciating the beeswax I'm slathering on. It's been a long time between drinks.


merc said...

Beautiful, poised ready to create.

Fresh Local said...

Students of pottery talk about the Leach nod. Film of Bernard Leach at his wheel shows him making rhythmic movements with his head to constantly check the piece he is throwing. He seems to be following the rotation of the pot on the wheel but also conducting it. It's as if he, the wheel and the clay are pulsing in unison. Recently a clay fan I know pointed out that Bernard's grandson Simon also moves his head in this way.

I'm hoping I don't get so mesmerised by the look of the wheel that I forget to throw.

merc said...

That is excellent, a clay DJ.

Fresh Local said...

Here he is Grandmaster Si on the wheels of steel - Potting on the wild side: